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Download full Math-O-Vision 2015 rules.

Information for Classrooms

Hello middle school students and teachers and welcome to the Math-O-Vision community. We are very happy to announce that you will be choosing the winner of the Math-O-Vision competition this year!

After watching videos created by high school students, you will decide whose video was the most creative, entertaining, exciting, surprising, or unique.

Getting involved in the competition is easy. Classroom signup begins in October and will be open until March. Fill out the registration form and anxiously wait for the student videos to be posted. Watch the videos any time between April 21 and May 1 and vote by May 11.

You have the power to pick a winner. Sign up today!

To see a selection of previous winners, check out our Sample Gallery:
Math-O-Vision Movie Sampler Gallery

Information for Movie Makers

Calling all high school students! We want you to make a video about math and we want it to be as creative as possible. In 4-minutes or less tell us about your passions. Remind us that math is more than just numbers and equations. Show us that math can be beautiful, fun, and exciting.

Submit your video by April 1 and compete for $7,000.00 in cash prizes. This year, along with our panel of celebrity judges, middle school math classrooms across the country will be deciding who made the best video. So make sure your video is something a middle schooler would find accessible and engaging.

As the submission date gets closer, we will provide you with more information about uploading your video. Winners will be announced sometime around May 18th. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!