Dear friends of Math-O-Vision,
After a thorough analysis (of course!), we have determined that we will no longer be able to support the Math-O-Vision competition. We are grateful to all of our supporters and the judges, for the time and energy you gave to this effort to promote math, critical thinking, innovation and creativity among high school students.

What is Math-O-Vision?

We are a movie challenge designed to inspire people from all walks of life to see, appreciate and communicate math from their own unique and creative perspectives.

Take a fresh look at the world, weave your passions into a vision that shows how math surrounds us, beautifully, surprisingly, everywhere. Build a bridge between your creative vision and math! Share it! We invite entrants to appreciate math in non-traditional ways, distill the beauty of the world and communicate it in an accessible manner. Enter your movie today.

Middle School Classrooms 
We need you to view movies made by High School movie makers who explore their passion using numbers, seeing math in non-traditional, beautiful and surprising ways. Help us by judging, commenting and awarding $7,000 in cash prizes. Sign up today.

Breathe, create, and live math.


To see a selection of previous winners, check out our Sample Gallery:
Math-O-Vision Movie Sampler Gallery