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What is Math-O-Vision?

We are a movie challenge designed to inspire people from all walks of life to see, appreciate and communicate math from their own unique and creative perspectives.

We ask moviemakers to take a fresh look at the world and weave their passions into a vision that shows how math surrounds us, beautifully, surprisingly, everywhere.

Express your passion! Build a bridge between your creative vision and math! Share it!

We invite entrants to appreciate math in non-traditional ways. Distill the beauty of the world through mathematics and communicate it in an accessible manner.

Breathe, create, and live math.


A Brief Video About Pi • 2014 Honorable Mention • Try Huynh

How I Met Your Mather • 2014 First Prize • Tim Schauer

A Math Promblem • 2014 Third Prize • Angelica Johnsen